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Siljansvägen 61, 793 22 Leksand  Map
Guest reviews: 95% (141 of 149 recommend)
Holiday village | At the southern shore of Siljan you find us. Leksand Strand. Sloping down to the lake, with many different types of cabins. From simple camping cabins to fully equipped 8-bed cottages. All within walking distance of Leksand's center. During winter...
Leksand Strand Holiday Village

Säfsbyn - Fredriksberg
Holiday village | Kullberget lies near the supermarket and the reception. In this area there are log cabins 4 + 2 beds with and without a sauna. Close to trails for hiking, mouintainbiking and cross country skiing at Österhöjden.

Björbovägen 42, 785 45 Björbo  Map
Guest reviews: 91% (10 of 11 recommend)
Hostel | Room 5 has got a single bed, wide 110 cm, no room for extra bed. Rooms 6&7 has got two single beds with room for one extra bed. Room number 8 has got three single beds and double sofabeds as extra beds. The room has got views over the garden...
Länsmansgårdens Youth hostel

Bullsjövägen, 78235 Malung  Map
Guest reviews: 100% (8 of 8 recommend)
Camping | Malungs Camping is situated in a scenic location by the Västerdalsälven River and Bullsjö beach, within walking distance of the centre.
Malungs Camping

Säfsbyn - Fredriksberg
Guest reviews: 100% (1 of 1 recommend)
Holiday village | Djupdalen located in the upper eastern part of the holiday village behind the reception. In this area there are cabins with 6 beds in bunk beds and cabins with 4 + 2 beds and a sauna.

Fjäderstigen, 780 50 Vansbro  Map
Events Accommodation, cottage, room, etc. | Central Vansbro. Private bedrooms to rent in the landlord´s house during the summer events Vansbrosimningen and Ppe´s cup.
Vansbrosimningen. Private room V102 Fjäderstigen, Vansbro

Tullgatan, 78050 Vansbro  Map
Events Accommodation, cottage, room, etc. | Central Vansbro. 2 rooms in the landlord´s house to rent during Vansbro swimming event.
Vansbro swimming week. Private room V104, Tullgatan, Vansbro

Mellstavägen 3, 784 68 Borlänge  Map
Guest reviews: 100% (5 of 5 recommend)
Holiday village | Nordic Camping Mellsta is situated in the beautiful Mellstaparken, right at the edge of the meandering River Dalälven. For generations, Mellstaparken has been one of most popular outing destinations for Borlänge inhabitants.
Nordic Camping Mellsta/Cottages

Säfsbyn - Fredriksberg
Hotel, Holiday village, Camping & Event lodging | Sjövillan is located about 1.5 from the reception desk right next to the water. Here you have access to your own boat & dock. The houses has 8 beds.

IF Frisk Lindesnäs, 780 53 Nås  Map
Camping | By the lake Dammen, connected to Lindesnäs Mansion, is Lindesnäs camping. Here you can stand a season and dance on the Manor when opportunities are given, or just a night and enjoy the peacefulness and the beautiful nature.
Lindesnäs Camping

Lugnetvägen 14, 791 83 Falun  Map
Guest reviews: 81% (17 of 21 recommend)
Holiday village | Nordic Camping Lugnet (cottagearea) is situated in a quiet and natural spot within Lugnet area. Our cottages consists of ten modern self-household cottages with 2 apartments in each one (two adapted for disability) and 10 basic cottages.
Nordic Camping Lugnet/Cottages

Finnmarken, 78053 Nås  Map
Guest reviews: 100% (5 of 5 recommend)
Holiday village | Take the fishmates on a nice weekend. Cottage at the lake Långsjön. Close to hiking trail, roadway within 100 m. Enjoy the tranquility and fishing. Nås is known for good fishing, especially spring angelfishing. Pike 10-15 kg are common.
Cottage by the Lake Rösjön, 8 beds, 19 m2

Rutån 22, 780 51 Dala-Järna  Map
Hostel | Come and stay with us in the beautiful areas of Rutån! Her you are close to swimming, horseback riding and fantastic areas for outdoor recreation and exercise! Group lodging, smaller rooms and a small house.

Badvägen 6, 785 44 Dala-Floda  Map
Hotel and guesthouse | Dala-Floda Värdshus is a classical hostelry steeped in century-old tradition in Dalarna’s Garden of Eden at the southern end of lake Flosjön about 40 km west of Borlänge. The cluster of neighbouring villages on both sides of the river were named t...
Dala-Floda Värdshus – the ecological hostelry

Järnavägen 12, 780 50 Vansbro  Map
Camping | Vansbro Camping is situated in beautiful surroundings by Västerdalälven (river), within walking distance of Vansbro town centre. We have 57 camping pitches and 9 cottages.
Vansbro Camping/Camping

Videvägen, 78050 Vansbro  Map
Events Accommodation, cottage, room, etc. | 2 private rooms in central Vansbro to rent during the swim week, Vansbrosimningen.
Vansbrosimningen. Private room V1, Vansbro

Rågsveden 54, 780 54 Äppelbo  Map
Quick Stop | Many mountain travelers have discovered that they get an extra half day skiing if they sleep over in Äppelbo and then continue to your final destination the following day. In Västerdala On West AB are both cottages, apartments, garden shed, rooms...
Västerdala On West AB cottages and caravan pitches. (copy)

Borganäsvägen 28, 784 33 Borlänge  Map
Guest reviews: 73% (8 of 11 recommend)
Hotel and guesthouse | Hotel Saga, Borlange, Sweden Saga Hotel is a small privately owned breakfast hotel in the heart of Borlange. The hotel is situated in the pedestrian and the shopping and restaurants around the corner. All rooms have shower, toilet and television.
Breakfast Wireless access
Hotel Saga

Storängsvägen, 78053 Nås  Map
Guest reviews: 81% (39 of 48 recommend)
Holiday village | Nås camping is situated next to Västerdalälven. At the campsite there are 18 caravan pitches with electricity and 50 pitches without electricity. The campsite is located 30 km southeast of Vansbro. At the campsite there are also caravan pitches...
Nås Camping cottages

Ö. Born, 780 54 Äppelbo  Map
Events Accommodation, cottage, room, etc. | 15 km N Vansbro. 4 bedrooms to rent in a private house during the swim event Vansbrosimningen.
Pets allowed
Vansbrosimningen. Private room V200, Äppelbo

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Widest range of accommodation, activities and tickets in Swedish Dalarna.